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You may think our story starts with a one-eyed dog but it actually began years ago when my husband and I were hiking across England.  We watched a farmer bringing his sheep off of the hillsides with a beautiful border collie that jumped walls, climbed rocks to find every lamb in every nook and crannie.  At that moment I knew where my life had to go, but we only needed three things- A border collie,  a flock of sheep and a farm. 

    We found the dog- Nell an older one eyed border collie that needed a farm of her own.  So we bought her a farm.  Now she needed sheep of her own.  So we bought her sheep.  Now she needed a shepherd of her own.  That would be me.  …and just like that  Pirate Sheep Lamb and Wool Company was established.

    Today our flocks of registered North Country Cheviots, the rare Lincoln Longwools, and the elegant Corriedales have expanded to over 100 breeding ewes.  Our farm crew now includes Nell’s first mate, Rhys, a young, energetic border collie and two magnificent Great Pyrenees guardian dogs, Blue and Red.

   Our story continues….I will give you a hint- It is all about the sheep.

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