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North Country Cheviots

Northies are one of the healthiest and most long lived breeds. They thrive on pasture and
produce an excellent, high guality fine grain lean meat. They originated in the rugged Scottish Highlands and came to United States in the late 1950’s and flourish in our Minnesota winters.

Raised With

Pirate Sheep Lamb and Wool Company farms with care


- We ensure the robustness, dignity and integrity of our sheep.   


- We strive towards sustainable management of natural resources and the preservation and health of our land


- We provide a quality product to our customers through endless attention and customized care to both our sheep and land.



My absolute favorite lamb recipe comes with a story.  I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu with a culinary certificate and with that developed a fascination with chefs.  My husband and I have a favorite restaurant in Sedona AZ called Elote Cafe.  It is considered one of the top 10 mexican restaurants in the United States.  Nothing fancy about the building(it is in a motel) just amazing food!  At the restaurant one night my husband bought me the chef and owner, Jeff Smedstad’s,, cookbook.  I was looking at the book when a tall, lanky, long curly haired man wearing a chef jacket came to our table.  Jeff had come to our table to sign the book.  I was speechless , a little gaga and a little enamored(okay maybe a lot).  My husband took it in stride and we had a wonderful meal of spicy Lamb Adobo!


Lamb Adobo


4 lamb shanks-seasoned with salt and pepper- brown all over and set aside


The Sauce:

12 garlic cloves

4 cups orange juice

3 ancho chilis- cleaned and stemmed

2 guajillo chilis-cleaned and stemmed

1 passilla negro chile- cleaned and stemmed

1stick cinnamon

2 tsp pepper

2 tsp cumin

2 tbl oregano

2 bay leaves

1/8 ground clove

2 tbl apple cider

2 tbl brown sugar

1-1/2 tbl salt



-place all ingredients in a saucepan(not the shanks) and simmer until chilies soften.  Let cool then place in blender and puree until smooth


The Assembly


-Put browned lamb shanks in a dutch oven pot and cover with pureed sauce 

-Cover and bake in 325 oven for 4 hours(or until fork tender)

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