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Pirate Sheep Company

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Raising Sheep and Goats Responsibly

Pirate Sheep Company is a commercial sheep and goat farm in the center of Minnesota. A DeWitt family farm, our four generations pitch in to provide the highest quality lamb and goat meat.  The animals at  Pirate Sheep are pasture grazed both for their health and the health of the land. In addition to raising sheep and goats, we also maintain livestock for our family's personal use. We take pride in what we do and always strive to do what is right.

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It began with a one-eyed Border Collie...

Pirate Sheep Company


It all began with a one-eyed Border Collie.  After returning from a walking trip in the UK,  where we watched amazing dogs and handlers move their sheep flocks throughout the rugged terrain, we decided to visit a local herding dog competition.  Soon after we decided our lives wouldn't be fulfilled unless we had a herding dog.  A handler was looking for a home for his trained dog, Nell.  The issue was that Nell only had one eye after a tangle with some cattle.  Nell came home and soon we decided that Nell needed a farm, some sheep and then some more sheep.  The small flock grew as did the need for more herding dogs.  That small one-eyed Border Collie became our muse and our farming partner.  It is only logical we name the farm after her....Pirate Sheep Company. 

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