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Our Team

The Pirate Sheep Crew

The Guardians


Our Livestock Guardian Dogs protect our flocks from predators.  Blue & Red are Great Pyrennes and protect the lambing farm.  Bonnie & Clyde are Kuvasz and protect the ewe flocks

The Herders

Pirate Sheep's herding dogs are Border Collies, the smartest dogs in the world.    Today we have 5 Border Collies that assist in almost every chore.  Gathering the flock from the back pastures, pushing ewes into the working chute, moving goat does from paddock to paddock...the Border Collies do the job.   


Nell is our original working dog.  She is getting up in age but can still move lambs like the champion she is.


Rhys came to us from Wales and is the finest gathering dog we have.  


Dax is our top dog.  He works sheep, goats, and cattle.  Dax excels at driving the flocks to their pastures and holding them in the chute 

Black Pearl is Nell's pup.  She is one our youngest and is still learning but has the amazing skill of her mother.. and the stubbornness 

Darth Vader is also Nell's pup and the son of Dax.  He is the most patient and looks to have more instinctive skill than all our working dogs.

The  Crew

Our family farm relies on the help of four generations.  Lambing, kidding, pasture management and animal husbandry take a level of care and values that is shared by the entire crew.  Our strong crew  make Pirate Sheep thrive!

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