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Our Farm

Sheep and Goats



Our flock of sheep is actually two flocks.  One flock, the Spring Flock, lambs in early springtime.  The other flock, the Fall Flock, lambs in autumn. 

Both flocks are bred for ability to graze well, winter hardiness, and lamb growth.

The foundation breed of our Spring flock is the North Country Cheviot, which originated in Scotland. We breed these ewes to the Danish Texel, which is known for outstanding growth and remarkable lean meat.

The Dorper is the foundation for our Fall flock.  These South African sheep are mated to the Il deFrance for a great tasting, fast growing lamb.

Besides offering our lambs, we also have quality breeding stock available. Contact us to learn more about our sheep.



We also raise goats at Pirate Sheep Company. Like our sheep, our goats are pasture grazed and raised with the same care and respect as our sheep.

Our goat herd is a combination of different meat varieties such as the Kiko and Boer. We breed our goat does to time the kidding for the fall.  In order to meet our expectations for growth of our meat goats, we prefer the Boer as the Billy. 

Our goats are also available for brush control services to help maintain your property. Contact us to learn more about our goats and how they can benefit your farm.

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