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 Pirate Sheep Company

Commercial Sheep and Goats....Raised with Care and Respect 


Meet Captain Nell


Every Pirate Crew has a Captain.  Captain Nell started Pirate Sheep in 2016 with help of Robin & Bruce DeWitt.  Nell is a trained, one-eyed Border Collie and with the help of her crew she moves over 200 sheep and 100 goats daily through the lush pastures of Central Minnesota farmland.  Today she leads a crew of 5 border collies and 4 guardian dogs in keeping her flocks safe, secure and well grazed.

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Farming with Respect

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Humanely Raised

Pasture Grazed

Land for our future

At Pirate Sheep Company, we believe in providing the highest quality meat products to our customers. Our sheep and goats are free-range, hormone-free, and raised on pasture for optimal health and flavor. We take pride in our commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices.

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